My professional purpose is to transform the risk management & insurance industry through the application of new technologies that impact business model, operating model, process performance and task execution.  I apply business process management, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, blockchain and related digital transformation disciplines to assist C-Suite executives at primary insurance companies to improve growth, profitability and customer experience.  I am currently a platform business model and digital ecosystem evangelist.

I’ve participated in the commercial property and casualty segment of the U.S. primary insurance industry for many years.  My experience is heavily weighted in business process management and the application of analytics across the primary insurance company value chain.  Content is curated and created from this perspective.

These are exciting times.  The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and the impact on the global insurance industry is and will continue to be profound.  I seek to explore a handful of concepts that define digital transformation in the insurance industry and contemplate how each may be commercialized and deliver real business impact.

Ultimately, the hope is that the reader gains insight through exposure to several interrelated big ideas, access to material supporting the potential of these ideas and a contemplation of ways to commercialize these concepts.

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to connect.

Site Map

This site is organized around these key tabs:

  • Big Ideas
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The Big Ideas tab identifies exciting  digital transformation concepts and sets the stage for further exploration.  The Perspectives tab is structured as a Blog and contains curated and created content that defines the identified concepts.  The Exciting Projects tab reveals the concepts that interest me and my efforts to explore and monetize them.  The Want to Know More? tab contains proposals for projects that are or will soon be market ready.  I intend to describe potential use cases and share pitch books.  The Now What? tab is a call to action for those interested in joining the transformation journey.  The About tab shares information about my background and the Connect tab offers an opportunity to connect.


The information shared is organized into these categories:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Platforms & Digital Ecosystems
  • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Operations Management
  • Insurance Industry