A very insightful presentation by the World Economic Forum and Accenture that highlights the big ideas associated with B2B platforms.  Click the link below to view the material.


Digital transformation is emerging as a key driver of sweeping change in the world around us.  It has the potential to significantly improve consumer lives and create broader societal good, while providing businesses with new opportunities to
create and capture value.

B2B digital platforms enable partnerships across vast ecosystems that are redefining industries and creating new business models.  These platforms promise more inclusive and diverse outcomes, while expanding market access and raising innovation levels for participants.

It is clear that platforms will bring about transformational change, but there are a number of challenges that must be addressed.  Platforms are hard to build and leaders must establish an environment in which they can flourish.  The rapid pace of technological progress, cultural and organizational transformation, outdated regulations and irrelevant metrics are key priorities for policy-makers and business leaders to address.

The World Economic Forum is committed to helping leaders understand the implications of B2B digital platforms and supporting them on the journey to shape better opportunities for business and society.  This is increasingly important, given the trillions of dollars now at stake for both society and industry through the development of these platforms.

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) was launched by the World Economic Forum in 2015 to serve as the focal point for new opportunities and themes arising from the latest developments in the digitalization of business and society.  It supports the Forum’s broader activity around the theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In 2015, the DTI analysed the impact of digital transformation on six key industries – automotive, consumer goods, electricity, healthcare, logistics and media – and on three cross-industry topics: digital consumption, digital enterprise, and societal implications.

In 2016, the initiative was extended to cover seven additional industries, and two new cross-industry themes: platform economy, and societal value and policy imperatives. Through its broad focus, the DTI has driven engagement on some of the most pressing topics facing industries and businesses today, and provided business and policy leaders with an informed perspective on how to take action.

WEF Digital Transformation Initiative – Unlocking B2B Platform Value (Executive Summary)

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