An excellent read for those interested in understanding the risks associated with Robotic Process Automation and risk mitigation approaches.

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This pioneering guide offers the first comprehensive analysis to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) risks as actually experienced and dealt with by organizations.  The authors present analysis and findings from a two-year study. As more organizations adopt RPA, they find that best practice companies are able to gain a ‘triple win’ from RPA: a win for shareholders, a win for customers, and a win for employees.  But while such results are impressive, they are far from guaranteed. Service automation, like all organizational initiatives, is fraught with risks that need to be mitigated.  The RPA risk mitigation framework reveals the significant RPA risks, and identifies 30 key risk mitigation practices that the research found to be successful.  Whether an organization is just beginning its RPA journey or has reached maturity, this definitive guide serves as a key source of knowledge.

Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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