Episode 12 Show Notes:

During the last decade, platform businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and eBay have been taking over the world. In almost every sector, traditional businesses are under attack from digital disrupters that are effectively harnessing the power of communities. But what exactly is a platform business and why is it different? In this podcast Peter Domican interviews Laure Claire Reillier and Benoit Reillier, the authors of ‘Platform Strategy: How to Unlock the Power of Communities and Networks to Grow Your Business’ They talk about the growth and advantages of network businesses and how designing, igniting and scaling a platform business requires learning a whole new set of management rules. Platform Strategy offers many fascinating insights into the future of platforms, their regulation and governance, as well as how they can be combined with other business models. Let us know what you think about the points raised in the podcast via our LinkedIn group (CIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing Levitt Group)


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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