Denise Garth, SVP at Majesco and Mike Connor, CEO and Co-Founder at Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA) speak to the future of insurance.


We are entering a new era of insurance, the Digital age, driven by major shifts in customers, technology and market boundaries.

  • What will a digital generation of the insurance industry look like?
  • What will it take to compete?
  • What are the trends shaping it?
  • How is InsurTech shaping the digital age and new generation of insurers?

Hear from two leaders on where we are today, where digital ecosystems will take us and provide a roadmap to Digital Insurance 2.0.

  • Denise Garth – SVP Strategic Marketing Industry Relations and Innovation – Majesco
  • Mike Connor – CEO and Co-Founder – Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA)


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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