Building The Intelligent Enterprise using AI, ML, Mobility, and Cloud Services


  • Ryan Mallory, VP, Global Solutions Architects, Equinix (@RyanMallory551)


  • Alston Ghafourifar, CEO and Co-Founder, Entefy Inc. (@alstonology )
  • Hugh Owen, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, MicroStrategy (@MicroStrategy)
  • Stephen Taylor, Global Head of Analytics, Reporting, Integration, and Software Engineering , Devon Energy Corporation (@DevonEnergy)
  • Michael Woods, Vice President of Information Technology, CDM Smith (@CDMSmith)

Undeniable market trends are pushing enterprises to the digital edge, demanding a paradigm shift from traditional/centralized enterprise models to decentralized/edge computing models, in order to overcome significant challenges including latency, bandwidth, autonomy, and privacy.

In this panel, panelists look at specific use cases on how leading organizations are overcoming these challenges using AI/ML and leveraging hyperscalers, including:

  • preparing for GDPR regulations
  • using an interconnection strategy to ensure security, quality, and compliance
  • and transporting workloads being created from multiple IoT and mobile interfaces globally, internally and externally


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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