Phil Fersht CEO and Chief Analyst of HfS Research and his team nail it once again!


What sets the “digital winners” apart from the rest? What lessons can you apply to your own organization’s digital transformation journey? In this hour-long webinar, HfS explores questions such as:

  • Are there economic impacts driving different courses of action?
  • What are digital winners doing differently?
  • What are the digital laggards failing to do and how does this negatively impact their economic success?

The key themes of this webinar:

  • The crucial role of culture in Digital OneOffice success
  • Effective partnering with service providers to drive digital value
  • Getting ahead of digital disruption and avoiding digital complacency
  • Defining a digital strategy with a business model focus
  • Addressing digital talent and overcoming inertia

This webinar discusses findings from the ‘Journey to OneOffice’ study, by HfS Research and supported by Cognizant, involving 400 enterprise leadership interviews and in-depth investigations of enterprises’ digital strategy.


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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