Intelligent automation is not a technology that operates in a silo. RPA, coupled with machine learning, natural language processing, and analytics, extends the reach and range of automation from tasks and activities to driving dynamic workflow engines. The right approach fundamentally changes how work gets done by creating new “normals” of efficiency, cost, and outcome experiences while enabling your data as a decision driver. But how can you get started?


  • Gene Chao
  • Cathy Reese
  • Alison Close
  • Marc Hayem
  • Ed Lynch

Ep 1: Understanding the Current State of Intelligent Automation


Ep 3: Scaling Your Business with Analytics, Data, and Automation


Ep 4: Managing Change and Re-Skilling Your Workforce


Ep 6: Frequently Asked Questions on Intelligent Automation

Welcome to Smart Talks, IBM Services’ new round table series dedicated to bringing together tech experts and leaders to discuss major trends in business and technology. In episode six of our Intelligent Automation Smart Talk we take questions from the online audience.


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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