As emerging technologies continue to transform the face of global services delivery, the debate over its impact rages on, with many forecasting mass unemployment as robots “steal” jobs from humans.  But is this a realistic outlook?  Everest Group doesn’t believe so, and so they have a different take.  They think that the major impact of technology will be on the nature of the work, not the number of jobs.  They believe that human leverage of technology (HUMAN + TECH) will help to create fundamentally new forms of value that will propel organizations forward and create multiple new avenues for jobs.

Watch this lively panel discussion with enterprise and service provider delivery leaders who are wrestling with these very issues.  You’ll learn how they have structured their delivery programs and (human) staff to take full advantage of the benefits of thinking HUMAN + TECH, not human vs. tech.


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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