Everest Group’s Smart RPA Playbook provides 200 pages of in-depth analysis of the marketplace. They take a careful look at both the capabilities of enterprises as well as the outcomes achieved from the capabilities.  Checkout this overview.  Really good stuff.

Smart RPA Playbook | Episode 1 of 6 – Introduction


Smart RPA Playbook | Episode 2 of 6 – Enterprise Challenges Deploying RPA


There are four phases enterprises in RPA adoption maturity: Introduction of automation into processes, proof of concept, developing capabilities, and scaling across the enterprise. Chief Research Guru Michel Janssen and EVP Sarah Burnett discuss each of the phases, and how they factor into real business outcomes for organizations.

Smart RPA Playbook | Episode 3 of 6: The Four Phases of Enterprise RPA Adoption


Even though it’s still in its youth, RPA is rapidly changing the industry – and it’s just the beginning of what’s to come. When Robotic Process Automation is paired with AI, chatbots, IDP and more, the amount of processes that can be automated grows exponentially. EVP Sarah Burnett and Chief Research Guru Michel Janssen discuss the feature-rich future of RPA and what it means for enterprises.

Smart RPA Playbook | Episode 4 of 6: Peering into the Future of RPA


RPA is a hot topic and on enterprise radars across all industries – but how are enterprises actually getting business outcomes from adopting robotic process automation? Fortunately, it’s not a mystery. Chief Research Guru Michel Janssen and EVP Sarah Burnett provide multiple examples here from Everest Group’s Enterprise RPA Pinnacle Model Assessment. See which actions separate leaders from laggards in RPA adoption.

Smart RPA Playbook | Episode 5 of 6: How Enterprises Get Outcomes from RPA


Once you know what you want RPA to accomplish for your enterprise, how do you reach that destination? While you have to consider the major factors like the business case, specific tech you plan to use, etc; you must also consider other factors like the culture within your organization, the appetite for risk, security needs, and more. Chief Research Guru Michel Janssen and EVP Sarah Burnett unpack all of these and why they are critical to consider in your journey here.

Smart RPA Playbook | Episode 6 of 6: How to Reach Your RPA Destination


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