This webinar Everest group offers results from a recent market survey on outsourcing pricing trends coupled with insights into what pricing model trends mean and how to take advantage of them to drive business impact.

Intriguing research findings we address:

  • Enterprises are moving away from input-based pricing in both BPO and ITO contracts … but how, what, why, when and where?
  • One of the key drivers of positive business outcomes is who initiated the move to outcomes – and outputs – based pricing, but Everest Group shares which initiators drive the most improvement (by a 2:1 margin)
  • The reasons for the pricing model transition are not surprising (cost savings and customer satisfaction), but the variation in results for high-impact and low-impact may be surprising


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

Growth Leader | Trusted Adviser | Insurance Industry | Analytics | Business Process Management | Automation | Platforms & Ecosystems