Month: February 2019

Enterprise Agility (Podcast)

Episode One Enterprise Agility: A Strategic Imperative with Andy Young and James Tabernor Accenture’s Elitsa Nacheva kicks off the podcast with Andy Young and James Tabernor. The group discusses the importance of enterprise agility and […]

5 Ways to Ideate Better in Your Business

Ideation – the third stage of the design thinking process – involves generating ideas that help you and your organisation think outside the box when resolving customer problems. If you’re feeling stuck in old ways […]

Connections 2018: Insurer’s Imperatives that InsurancePlatform Addresses

From Connections 2018 Product Keynote, Ali Kheirolomoom describes the three unifying elements of InsurancePlatform and how it’s designed to help customers run, differentiate, and grow their business. InsurancePlatform is poised to address key insurers’ imperatives, […]

The 5 Most Important Global Services Trends For 2019

The global sourcing market seems to be increasingly dynamic these days, driven in no small part by the development of disruptive technologies and the resulting transition from an arbitrage-first to a digital-first model. These changes […]

Cloud Generation 2: Autonomous, Secure, and Extensible

The Second Generation Cloud is built for the enterprise to protect your critical data; secure from core to edge; easily move apps and data from on-premises. It is built for all enterprise workloads, is designed […]

Using APIs to Deliver Connected Experiences and Grow Your Business

Apigee Presentation @ Google Cloud Summit Jakarta – Using APIs to deliver Connected Experiences and Grow Your Business (27:00)