Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot uses cognitive automation processes to optimize the insurance claim process, making customer service representatives more efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time making them more empathetic to a customer’s tone. The overall result is increased customer satisfaction at a lower cost per interaction.

This video will show how Automation Anywhere uses intelligent automation, through its IQ Bot product, to service auto insurance customer claims using a virtual assistant, which is then followed by an automated email process. We will not only see how the process works, but we will also see how the Automation Anywhere system picks up the customer’s tone, in this example where the customer is getting impatient due to a delayed response from the insurance company’s claims department.

The video shows two business automation processes, highlighting two key customer interactions with the insurance company. The first workflow shows how the customer starts the insurance claims conversation, how the system validates the customer account, takes in the claims information, and saves it in the system. The second workflow shows a follow-up email process by the customer, and how the email intent is detected, responded to automatically, and escalated to a customer service representative.

The Automation Anywhere advanced automation system picks up on not only the message but also the message tone, and takes appropriate action. First, it records the email, and second, it updates the claim to High priority based on the customer’s Negative sentiment. This secondary element causes the case to be escalated to a live customer service agent, and gives a 30-minute window for the agent response. Additionally, it immediately sends an email to the customer apologizing for the delay and promising a 30-minute response from Deborah Smith, a customer service representative for the insurance company.


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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