The global sourcing market seems to be increasingly dynamic these days, driven in no small part by the development of disruptive technologies and the resulting transition from an arbitrage-first to a digital-first model.

These changes are impacting everything from staffing models to delivery models, contracting terms to relationship governance. In the context of this accelerating change, our experts will share the 5 most important trends in sourcing today – helping you to understand and focus on those trends that will impact you most.

In this fast-paced 60-minute webinar, we will identify the trends, then explain and discuss what they mean for your job, both today and in the future. Based in part on our Market Vista™ research, we’ll put the developments and trends in context as we cover the key forces and metrics defining the market, highlighting:

  • Key outsourcing trends
  • Market trends in digital adoption
  • Shared Services or Global In-house Center (GIC) market trends
  • Key issues for enterprises in 2019


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

Growth Leader | Trusted Adviser | Insurance Industry | Analytics | Business Process Management | Automation | Platforms & Ecosystems