Episode One

Enterprise Agility: A Strategic Imperative with Andy Young and James Tabernor

Accenture’s Elitsa Nacheva kicks off the podcast with Andy Young and James Tabernor. The group discusses the importance of enterprise agility and why true agility has so far proved elusive for many organizations.


Episode Two

Enterprise Agility: Vision and Leadership with Eva Sage-Gavin

In this episode, Elitsa Nacheva interviews Accenture’s Eva Sage-Gavin about the role of leadership and culture in fostering enterprise agility. Eva shares insights on common challenges for leaders and goes over several client examples.


Episode Three

Enterprise Agility: Rewiring Your Business with Andy Young

Elitsa Nacheva welcomes Andy Young back to the podcast to take a closer look at the challenges and opportunities organizations face as they seek to become more agile.


Episode Four

Enterprise Agility: The Paradox of True Agility with Michael Bazigos

Are organizational speed and stability mutually exclusive? Michael Bazigos of Accenture Strategy joins Elitsa Nacheva to look at the paradox of true agility, other surprising insights from Accenture’s Transformation GPS tool, and what ultra-fast motorcycles can teach financial services leaders.


Episode Five

Before it went mainstream, enterprise agility was the exclusive domain of software developers. What can its roots tell us about achieving it in new contexts like financial services? Agility thought leaders John and Charlie Rudd join Elitsa Nacheva to discuss finding the road forward.


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