Month: April 2019

CCRPA E7: How Do Chatbots Interact with RPA?

Welcome to the seventh installment of ChetChatsRPA. If you have an RPA-related question, our our Chief Evangelist, Chet Chambers is here to answer it. In today’s episode, Chet discusses the way that RPA can interact […]

Coffee with Mr IoT: H.O. Maycotte – Streaming AI and Realtime Intelligent Applications

Meet Higinio (H.O.) Maycotte, CEO of Molecula, a new start-up that hopes to be the data supply chain into machine-lead decisions, helping to make actionable the huge quantity of data being generated for AI and […]

How to Prevent Digital Transformation Fatigue

Only 22% of digital transformations Everest Group has looked at have achieved their business results. This is horrific. However, what we’ve found is that one of the major contributors to this is digital transformation fatigue. […]

Dispelling 3 Myths About Digital Transformation

Partner Jimit Arora cites our latest research to bust three common myths surround digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation is a technology problem Digital platforms are for silicon valley Digital transformation is all about customer experience […]

Enabling Innovation in Insurance, with Eric Joost

Eric Joost of Willis Towers Watson on going digital, being customer-centric and innovating. (6:56)