Blockchain is a fast developing technology that is expected to have a significant impact across the entire insurance sector. Insurance incumbents and InsurTech start-ups alike are attempting to use blockchain technology to reduce fraud, streamline payments and claims, track medical records, and more. However, blockchain technology is still in its very early stages of adoption and has a number of challenges it must overcome prior to being widely implemented. As such, a number of blockchain consortia have been formed to help promote the adoption of blockchain technology.

This program will bring together distinguished blockchain experts and thought leaders to discuss the future of blockchain technology in insurance. It will begin with introductory remarks by NAIC President & Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa. Following will be a brief presentation examining the history and evolution of blockchain technology. There will then be a panel discussion, moderated by Andy Beal, NAIC Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer. The panel will explore the impact of blockchain technology on the insurance sector, real insurance use-cases, and the regulatory hurdles blockchain implementation may experience. Panelists include Christopher McDaniel, Michael Pieciak, Richard Magrann-Wells, and Robin Westcott.


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

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