Today, we’re talking about platforms. Now, let’s put this in historical context. As we go back in time, organizations first started looking at organizing by functions – think HR departments, accounting departments, clearance departments, etc.

And when we did this, we got a better business result – the functional orientation allows us to deliver better results at a lower overall costs.

In the mid-nineties, we started implementing process-oriented thinking. Here, we put in new layers of technology that aligned against the processes, we focused our organizations along process lines, we got better business results, and, yet again, a lower cost to operate.

Today, we’re moving into a new era – we call this the platform era. In this era, we once again are focusing on results again. In this instance, we call them experiences – the customer experience, the employee experience, the user experience – and, once again, we’re implementing new technology, a lot more new technology, a lot of automation.

And this is also causing us to collapse our organization into functional silos to align against these experiences. And once again, we’re getting better business results. The moral to this, or the lesson I believe in this, is that if you’re looking to add value to your organization, think platform, and go down that path to both get better results, a better experience, as well as crush your operating cost to serve.


Posted by Derek M. D'Onofrio

Growth Leader | Trusted Adviser | Insurance Industry | Analytics | Business Process Management | Automation | Platforms & Ecosystems