Derek’s professional purpose is to transform the risk management & insurance industry through the application of new technologies that impact business model, operating model, process performance and task execution. He applies business process management, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, blockchain and related digital transformation disciplines to assist c-suite executives at primary insurance companies to improve growth, profitability and customer experience. He is a platform business model and digital ecosystem evangelist.

Experience & Skills

His path has been one of diverse, interconnected and progressive roles hallmarked by revenue growth accountability, P&L responsibility, executive level engagement, consultative problem solving, subject matter expertise and team leadership. His persona, competencies and experience drive him to explore new frontiers and niche markets. He has successfully cultivated new and adjacent markets. Derek is a strategic thinker and thought leader. As a consultant, he solves sophisticated business problems and delivers quantifiable business impact. He designs go-to-market plans and is inspired when driving product development and diversification growth strategies. As a sales leader, he pursues excellence in the marketing and sales process resulting in exceptional outcomes. He consistently achieves revenue and margin goals while delighting clients. As a leader and team builder, he motivates and empowers people to achieve their full potential.


He is an experienced professional with an affinity for the risk management & insurance profession. He is committed to maximizing the impact of effective risk management (risk assessment, control & financing) on people, communities, businesses, industries, economies, nations and the world. He supports the risk management & insurance industry’s responsibility to serve society in the form of providing good jobs, undertaking community service and promoting diversity.


Derek very much enjoys time away from the office and in pursuit of other passions. He and his family will be found skiing the slopes in VT and boating the waters of Long Island Sound. On any given day, you will find him turning pedals with Arlene on the road or in the woods. On other days, “wrenching” to keep those bikes in top condition.

He is a lifelong learner and reads, views or listens to information on diverse topics.