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A Tale of Two Missions From IT Modernization to Business Transformation

In recent years, the term ‘digital transformation’ (DT) has pervaded the business press, becoming one of those buzzwords that’s almost impossible to avoid. But while it’s easy to mock and dismiss the catchy phrases of […]

Funding Blockchain Startups This week on Blockchain Weekly

Blockchchain Weekly This week Funding Blockchain Startups on Blockchain Weekly with Mark Kreitzman Co Founder CryptoLancers and The Blockchain Consortium John Crockett Co Founder Blockinetics and The Blockchain Consortium The Blockchain Consortium We believe blockchain […]

5 Trends for 2019 I saw at #Insurtech Insights

At the insurtech insights the decision makers of the European Insurance Industry met and discussed the state of the industry and what actions to take to tackle digital disruption and innovation. One trend was that […]

This week on Blockchain Weekly – The Shift into Blockchain with the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

This week, The Shift into Blockchain this week on Blockchain Weekly with Linda Goetze President Blockchain Chamber of Commerce Special Guests from the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce is here to […]

Design Thinking for Blockchain this week on Blockchain Weekly Legal Edition

This week, Blockchain Weekly Legal Edition with Joseph Reiben Managing Partner at Reiben & Velvis. LLP Cindy Mallory Tareo Capital Management. Partner. Design-Thinking for Blockchain Investment Yev Muchnik Impact Lawyer, Legal and Tech Futurist Managing […]

The Role of Technology – Threat or Catalyst for Human Prosperity?

Chair: Alex Adamopoulos, CEO, Emergn Ltd. Speakers: Julia Kirby, Harvard University Press editor & author Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist and author Erica Dhawan, CEO, Cotential and author Don Tapscott, CEO, The Tapscott Group Inc.; Adjunct […]