The Ethics of AI in Insurance, with Lex Sokolin

Lex Sokolin, futurist & fintech entrepreneur, on AI bias and how insurers can address it. (12:37)

NFX Marketplaces Scorecard 28 Elements of a Great Marketplace – James Currier, NFX

The annual Marketplace Conference on March 27th, 2019 in San Francisco united marketplace founders, VCs, and subject matter experts to discuss the present and the future of marketplaces and network effects. Organized by Autotech Ventures, […]

How AI is Changing Insurance, with Lex Sokolin

Futurist & fintech entrepreneur Lex Sokolin on how artificial intelligence is transforming insurance. (13:20)

Innovation Studio – Forces of Nature

Insurance Thought Leadership’s insights on Innovation Practices. (5:45)

Innovation Studio – Innovation Planning

Insurance Thought Leadership’s insights on innovation in the insurance industry. (6:05)

Building the Roadmap from Legacy to a Digital Enterprise

Avasant Empowering Beyond Summit 2019 Digital Innovators Panel titled “Building the Roadmap from Legacy to a Digital Enterprise” moderated by Anupam Govil, Partner at Avasant. Panelists include: Larry Godec, SVP and CIO, First American Sabby […]