Category: Insurance Industry

Innovation Studio – Forces of Nature

Insurance Thought Leadership’s insights on Innovation Practices. (5:45)

Innovation Studio – Innovation Planning

Insurance Thought Leadership’s insights on innovation in the insurance industry. (6:05)

Insurance Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Ryan Stein from Insurance Bureau of Canada on the challenges and opportunities facing insurers. (2:31)

The Future of Connected Claims

Claims is standing on the brink of transformation as new technologies drive unprecedented business efficiency and superior customer experience. So how can carriers use this opportunity to create a competitive advantage through exceptional customer service? […]

How Can Agents and Brokers Increase Their Relevance in the New Insurance Distribution Ecosystem?

In the third installment of PC360’s ongoing podcast series, Associate Editor Danielle Ling sits down with author and industry expert Troy Korsgaden to discuss client relationships and maintaining personal interactions as services become more digital. […]

InsTech London Podcast 23. The Insurtech MGAs (Part Two). Equipsme, Genasys, Descartes Underwriting, Xceedance

Three more “sofa sessions” in the second extract from of our “MGA, the new frontier for Insurtech” evening event recorded live at The Steelyard London on 2nd April. (24:10)