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The Times They Are Changing – Business Model Disruption, EXL Whitepaper, 2016

The insurance industry is at a crossroads. New regulatory compliance pressures, increased customer demands and a rapidly retiring workforce have all taken their toll. However, while insurers shift their focus to these very real challenges, a greater threat looms on the horizon. Disruptive innovators— both from within and outside of the space—are positioning to make their collective moves.

Outsourcing the Claim Management Process: Turning a Core Function into a Competitive Advantage, Journal of Insurance Operations – Winter 2008, Volume 2, Number 1

Describes the advantages that accrue to forward-thinking companies that adopt an outsourcing strategy. Specifically, discuses the claims management process, and the productivity gains that insurers can realize by carefully selecting and engaging a qualified provider. Immediate access to important competencies, scalability and reduced overhead are just a few of the benefits that result from a well-planned, executed and managed outsourcing engagement.


“Gallagher Bassett Services and Business Process Outsourcing”, Production Line, an Arthur J. Gallagher & Company Publication, 1998