Tag: Artificial Intelligence

The Ethics of AI in Insurance, with Lex Sokolin

Lex Sokolin, futurist & fintech entrepreneur, on AI bias and how insurers can address it. (12:37)

How AI is Changing Insurance, with Lex Sokolin

Futurist & fintech entrepreneur Lex Sokolin on how artificial intelligence is transforming insurance. (13:20)

PiR E151 – Stephen Applebaum on AI, Analytics & The Insurance AI & Analytics Conference

In this special episode of Profiles in Risk, I preview The Insurance Nexus Insurance AI & Analytics USA Conference. (18:12)

Machine Learning at the Edge (Level 300)

Advances in data analytics tools have enabled data driven decision making. However, it is not always possible to send data to the cloud to be processed. In this session, learn how to train machine learning […]

Redesigning Neural Architectures for Sequence to Sequence Learning

The Encoder-Decoder model with soft-attention is now the defacto standard for sequence to sequence learning, having enjoyed early success in tasks like translation, error correction, and speech recognition. In this talk, I will present a […]