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Key Findings from the GIC Data & Analytics Pinnacle Model Study

What kind of outcomes do shared services centers with superior data & analytics capabilities achieve when compared with peers? Our latest Pinnacle Model study answers that question with several surprising statistics and trends. For example, […]

Everest Group’s BPS Top 50 | 2019

The Everest Group BPS Top 50 is a global list of the 50 largest third-party providers, based on their Business Process Services (BPS) revenues (excluding public-sector services) and year-on-year growth. BPS is also referred to […]

Digital Transformation | The Transition to Platform Thinking

Today, we’re talking about platforms. Now, let’s put this in historical context. As we go back in time, organizations first started looking at organizing by functions – think HR departments, accounting departments, clearance departments, etc. […]

How to Prevent Digital Transformation Fatigue

Only 22% of digital transformations Everest Group has looked at have achieved their business results. This is horrific. However, what we’ve found is that one of the major contributors to this is digital transformation fatigue. […]

Dispelling 3 Myths About Digital Transformation

Partner Jimit Arora cites our latest research to bust three common myths surround digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation is a technology problem Digital platforms are for silicon valley Digital transformation is all about customer experience […]

CRO to CRO | Video Series

Episode 1: How Digital Transformation is Disrupting Investment Priorities Episode one of the Chief Research Officer to Chief Research Officer video series. This series is hosted by Pierre Mitchell, CRO of Spend Matters and Michel […]