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Enabling Innovation in Insurance, with Eric Joost

Eric Joost of Willis Towers Watson on going digital, being customer-centric and innovating. (6:56)

RPA in the Insurance Industry: Lessons Learned & Best Practices

EXL webinar with: CUNA Mutual Financial Group & New York Life in partnership with Blue Prism. Listen in as Ahson Pai, EXL’s Global Head of #Digital #Consulting, #EXL, discusses lessons learned & best practices of […]

The Rise of Ecosystems and Platforms: What Role Can Insurers Play and How Can They Get Started?

McKinsey senior partner Johannes-Tobias Lorenz introduces the concept of digital ecosystems and discusses the roles insurers can play in them.  Read the article The rise of ecosystems and platforms: What role can insurers play and how can […]

HfS Webinar: The State of Operations and Outsourcing 2018

Phil Fresht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HfS Research, his team, KPMG and guests nail it once again! Headline: “Only ~30% current outsourcing contracts are safe!” Overview The seminal annual study conducted by HfS Research and […]

The Future of Insurance | Lemonade @ DIA Munich 2017

The brands that dominate today, dominated during the era of the horse drawn carriage. There’s been tremendous longevity and the question at hand if if these legacy or incumbent insurers will continue to dominate a […]