Tag: Platform Strategy

Digital Transformation | The Transition to Platform Thinking

Today, we’re talking about platforms. Now, let’s put this in historical context. As we go back in time, organizations first started looking at organizing by functions – think HR departments, accounting departments, clearance departments, etc. […]

Managing the Complexity of a Multi Layered B2B Marketplace – Ruthie, Amaru, Freightos

The annual Marketplace Conference on March 27th, 2019 in San Francisco united marketplace founders, VCs, and subject matter experts to discuss the present and the future of marketplaces and network effects. Organized by Autotech Ventures, […]

Dispelling 3 Myths About Digital Transformation

Partner Jimit Arora cites our latest research to bust three common myths surround digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation is a technology problem Digital platforms are for silicon valley Digital transformation is all about customer experience […]

HM19 | Customer Centric Platform Approach for Success

Christoph Weigler, General Manager at Uber shares some key insights into their customer centric platform strategy. (1:17)

Reinventing the Product Book

Reinventing the Product looks at the ways traditional products are transforming into smart connected products and ecosystem platforms at a rate much faster than most organizations think. (6:03)

7 Core Capabilities to Create Smart Connected Products

In a fast changing digital world, how can product companies reinvent themselves as creators of smart connected products? (3:10)